And What Does Robroy Do?

Robroy & Company, LLC
Thought-Leaders, Be Known

Robroy & Company is a strategic communications firm, based in Baltimore, MD.  We show small-to-midsized B2B companies how to be known and be influential.  Our work leverages the power of your story to increase revenue.

Here’s what you get:

Be Known:
• Voice / Personality
• Authorship / Blogging
• Media / Social media

Be Influential:
• Relationships / Reputation
• Volunteering / Networking
• Speaking / Giving

Increase Revenue:
• Sales / Marketing
• Lead generation / SEO
• Public relations

Rob Macdonald, founder of Robroy & Company, is a creative business consultant and writer. His column appears in the Baltimore Business Journal. He blogs at Follow his tweets @robmacdonald.

Robroy & Company, LLC
Thought-Leaders, Be Known

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