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Sales primer

Friday, March 11th, 2011

Helping clean out my parents’ basement before their move, I came across my old collection of MAD magazine, and re-read them all.  While it brought me back to my 10-year-old self, it also made me realize that I never really grew up.  That’s what’s so great about MAD.

Remember how MAD always took something you knew well, and twisted it in a way that made you squirm and laugh?  Then join us now as we step madly into a career in sales with Robroy’s MAD sales primer.

Consultative selling. Refusing to let a company make the mistake of not hiring you.

Sales cycle. The time it takes a sales guy to do his laundry.

Mirroring. A tricky but effective sales technique.  Remove the customer’s bathroom mirror, climb behind the sink, and wait for a meeting.

Quoting. The sales guy hooks two fingers of each hand in the air while repeating something the customer just said.

Closing the deal. Close the deal like an overpacked suitcase by sitting on it.

Yecch!  That’s enough of that.  Now let’s turn to Spy vs Spy.

(While you’re here, have another Robroy.)

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