The experience lie

It’s good to have experience.  The problem is, it takes persistence and time to develop it, and more persistence and time to be known for it.  So how do you position your expertise when you’re still new?

Unfortunately, some companies take a shortcut that Robroy calls “the experience lie.”

The experience lie is when they tell you a story about their background that cannot possibly be true.  For example, let’s say Delta, Claude and Eli have three, one and six years in the industry, respectively.  To promote their new company, Delta might say: “We have ten years of experience, combined.”

The experience lie.

Sure, the math works.  But what kind of logic is that?  It’s like saying: nine 2-year-olds can enlist in the US Marines because their combined age is 18.

As for you and Robroy, we will speak the truth.  Even if we can only say, “Ah-goo.”

(Read Robroy’s column in the Baltimore Business Journal)

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