5 steps for guest bloggers

Every now and then, someone notices how passionate you are about your topic, and asks you to submit a guest post to their blog.

You graciously accept.  After all, there’s nothing you love better than sharing your passion with others.  But what is the best way to structure a blog post?

1. Start with the Problem: For example, in this post, the problem is that it’s hard to write a guest post.

2. Dwell on the Consequence: If you don’t, you won’t be able to share what you are passionate about as clearly.

3. Find the Turning Point: What does it take to turn the problem around?  You know what to do.  You’ve lived it.

4. Share the Vision: Here you create the possibilities you have been imagining, so that others can see what you see.

5. Reap the Reward: Wrap your post with something that gives readers a reason to dream.

Be a proper guest.  Apply the 5-point structure to your topic, and you will make an imprint on the world.

That’s all we ask.

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5 Responses to “5 steps for guest bloggers”

  1. Rob, great tips. If every guest blogger I had on our Wood Street stuck to this I would be more than pleased with the results. It is hard to guest blog and I find that it takes me longer because I am so focused on providing a quality post or them.

    One of my favorite guest posts on our blog was from Amy Garland at Blue Sky Factory… http://www.woodst.com/blog/wood-street-journal/web-site-design/your-website-email-marketing-two-peas-in-a-pod/

    • Robroy says:

      Thanks for your comment, Jon-Mikel, and for sharing Amy’s post. I’ve enjoyed Amy’s work as well. Always relevant, fresh and interesting.

  2. faye rivkin says:

    thanks for spelling it out, Rob. You’ve made it really clear – now I just have to find a blog to guest write for :-)

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