Time-traveling, business class

Last month, in my column, I wrote about my entrepreneurial grandfather, Roy Macdonald, Sr.  The best part was, the day the piece appeared, a lot of people emailed me to tell me about their own grandfathers.  The kind of men they were.  Their values.  The work they did in their prime.  It was as if a time-traveling grandfather convention had come to town.  Everyone had a story.

What’s yours?

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2 Responses to “Time-traveling, business class”

  1. marci says:

    My grandfather used to get on these laughing jags that would set him giggling uncontrollably for ten minutes at a time.

    You could tell that it was coming to an end only when he took his glasses off, wiped the tears from his face with a hankie and then also cleaned the tears and steam off of his glasses.

    I miss my grandpa.

  2. Robroy says:

    Great story, Marci! Your grandpa sounds like someone who really knew how to appreciate life. Thanks for sharing him with us.

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