Golf lesson

The doctor had no patience for Robroy on the golf course.

“Caddy!” he shouted as I stood still, holding the pin.  We were on the first green.  This was my summer job in high school, and I took it seriously.  I knew to hold the flag so it wouldn’t wave, but it was not enough for this guy.  “Your shirt is flapping in the breeze!”

I loved caddying for entrepreneurs. You could tell who was the most successful by who was most relaxed.  It was the opposite with doctors.

He glared at me until I’d got a hold of the pin again.  Then he put his head down and tapped the ball.  It arched smoothly toward the cup.  I pulled the pin.  In she dropped, a 15-foot birdie.

“Nice shot, sir,” I said, jogging over to take the putter.

“See what a difference it makes?” he said.  “If I’m going to have a great game, I need you to have a great game.”

“Got it,” I said.  I did, too.  Over time, building my career in the service of others, I have grown to appreciate what he said even more.  Golf is life.  Life is a game.  And a game is more rewarding when you try even harder to be your best.

(Read Robroy’s column in today’s Baltimore Business Journal)

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3 Responses to “Golf lesson”

  1. Beth says:

    Wasn’t sure where you were going with this, but what a great message.

    Is it the butterfly effect? Or shall we define the moral of the story as this: There are no unimportant jobs, only people who don’t realize the importance of their jobs on other people’s goals.

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    You might want to have this looked at.

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