Robroy for president

Since I started blogging, I’ve come to think about our country differently.

The politicians like to segregate us into red states and blue states; red states for Republicans, blue states for Democrats. But I’ve got a different view.  Thanks to Google Analytics, I see green states and yellow states.

For example, here’s a report from a blog entry I recently posted, showing where all that week’s traffic to my site came from:

Yellow means nobody in that state visited Robroy’s blog.  Green means they did.  Darker green means more visitors came from that state.  It makes sense that Robroy had the most hits in Maryland, my home base.  But I can’t understand why they don’t like me in Texas, where I always kiss the babies.  If this were an election year, I’d be nervous.

My fellow Americans, keep reading Robroy.  Because if you do, I have no doubt that all across the country, from Florida to Oregon, from California to Maine, the people will rise up and reclaim the promise of our destiny, and out of the polluted haze of partisan confusion, a greener day will come.

Thank you.  And for those who sneezed, God bless you.

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6 Responses to “Robroy for president”

  1. Rob,

    You’ve got my vote, too. What is up with the Midwest states? I thought Robroy would be HUGE there??!!!!

  2. Beth says:

    Holding down the fort for you in Illinois, Scout! Let me know when you’re ready to start that fancy fundraiser dinner for your campaign. How much do you think we can charge for a slice from Pops?

    Ever the loyal…

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