Today we bring you news of something truly unexpected from a recent networking event.  Don’t worry, Robroy didn’t deck anybody.

It was a luncheon sponsored by the Baltimore Business Journal.  Managing editor Scott Graham was miked up and walking casually up and down between the rows of tables.  I had never met Scott, but I liked him instantly.  He frowned a lot.  I need that in a journalist.

“We care about our readers,” Scott said to the group of some 40 decision-makers.  “We want to know what you think.  Tell us what you want to see in your business journal.”

Sure.  I closed my good eye.  The old ask-your-customers-what-they-want routine.  He was starting to lose me.

A business owner seated nearby was less skeptical.  “I want to read more stories about social media in business.  You know.  What the power users are doing.”

Scott surprised me by taking notes.

I was even more surprised, one week later, to see the front page of the BBJ:  A story about how power users at Baltimore banks are using Twitter to reach customers.

Impressive stuff, Mr. Graham.

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6 Responses to “Listening”

  1. Jay Cincotta says:

    Nice post, Rob! One of the great things about social media for start-ups like mine is that it facilitates more communication with our customers about features they want. We’ve found that a focus on incorporating customer input coupled with solid engineering about the deeper needs implied by customer requests is driving our growth.

    FYI, here are a couple recent blog posts about how customer feedback is being integrated in our product: and I just published that latter post earlier this morning!

  2. Nice move for the BBJ – “old” media needs to learn how to move as quickly as “new” media.

  3. Paul Magno says:

    I was never a believer in Twitter or Facebook or any of that stuff…I was even reluctant to get involved. It all seemed kinda “fruity” to me…But, against my judgment, I hired one of my writers to hook things up for me and handle all the day to day stuff.

    I let it sit for a long time and never thought twice about that silly social networking fad.

    One day, I was sick in bed and decided to pop on over to my Twitter and FB accounts and I was shocked by what I saw.

    There was all kinds of action going on…Heated debates that I never even knew existed, all spawned by my website…

    Needless to say, I’ve been riding the social media hard and have tripled readership just by directly engaging these like-minded individuals who chose to be a part of my community…We’ve done so well, as a matter of fact, that I will actually be hiring (Paid!) writers to work for me…

    There’s a whole new world out there…

    Thanks for bringing this up, Rob!

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