Thanksgiving blues

This Thanksgiving, Robroy (f/k/a Campus Scout) is especially thankful for my wonderful readers from the University of Illinois who are still with me after all these years.  To show my appreciation, I thought you might enjoy a flashback to the emotional experience of being a freshman and going home for the holidays for the first time.

Here’s an excerpt from Campus Scout’s “Thanksgiving Blues,” courtesy of the Daily Illini newspaper, November 25, 1987:

Do Scout a favor this weekend when you go home.  Try this experiment.

After sitting and chatting with the family, excuse yourself to go take a shower.  Halfway into the shower, pick up a bottle of shampoo and drop it at your feet.


Listen.  Within seconds, someone will come running to see if you broke open your crazy head.

Someone still cares about you, even now that you’re a grown up, mature college kid.

So have a good Thanksgiving, paleface.

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6 Responses to “Thanksgiving blues”

  1. Beth says:


    Anything that lets me read your older works again is good! Thanks for sharing! Might I suggest a long-overdue publishing of the Best of Campus Scout?

    Hope you and the tribe in B-more have a fantastic holiday.

    – Dancing Thunder

  2. Trusty says:

    Hey Robby – I still think of this particular Thanksgiving Campus Scout article from time-to-time after all these years. Isn’t it funny how some ‘little’ things get burned into your long-term memory, while other seemingly important events don’t? Makes one reconsider what’s really important vs. what’s trivial…

    I started thinking about “why” certain memories stick with me over the years – but then I thought about the shower drain Christmas wreath, and your tupperware/freezer stories and decided it would be best to quit such deep analysis! Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to someone who has contributed many entries, big and small, to my long-term memory! All our best wishes from the TX Buftons to the Balto Macdonalds.

    – Crazy Arrows (aka L.P.)

  3. f/k/a Campus Scout fan says:

    Rob – So funny how memory works. As soon as I started reading this, I remembered it, right down to “paleface.” I haven’t been following you “all these years” (try for the last 5 minutes), but it was wonderful to run across this post. I hope you are well.

    • Robroy says:

      Brenda, so nice to hear from you again! Thanks for your wonderful note. It’s always great to hear from good friends from Cham-Bana!

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