Dangerous marketing

So-called marketing professionals!  Will you cool it already with the clean, slick, well mannered marketing campaigns?  You’re making a dangerous mistake.

Think about it.  When you were a kid, what did you do for fun?  If your best friends were anything like John Bertaux, Mike McCarthy and Bill Diehl, you set up plywood ramps for your bike.  You rode standing up, pumping your legs to build up speed.  When you hit the ramp, you launched yourself high into the sky … arms locked, knees shaking … and landed on the driveway, skidding to a stop.  The crowd went wild.  You were the man.

Now in our 40s, our generation is “the man” and “the woman” in a different way.  Many of us are responsible decision-makers in our companies.  We put out RFPs.  We hire vendors and sign purchasing orders.  Yet we’re still daredevils at heart, and we need to push ourselves to the limit from time to time, or life’s no fun.  If your marketing can’t spark our imagination, if your salespeople can’t rev the throttle and really get us fired up, you will fall short of your goal every time.  You’ll hit the front of the ramp and flip over your handlebars and break every bone in your body.

But at least it will be cool!

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5 Responses to “Dangerous marketing”

  1. Ed Eusebio says:

    Yes, most marketing sucks, because it’s gutless, and striving for average-ness. If I lost a finger each time a client or boss wanted to “tone it down” to “be more like the competition”, I’d be a limbless torso!

  2. Robroy says:

    Thanks, Ed! Thanks, Marci!

  3. Microwave Grill OvenSarlRelator says:

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    • Robroy says:

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